Information and Training


At Industrial Gas Users Association, our experts provide timely information for a successful procurement strategy. We offer members free access to seminars and webinars. We assist our members with targeted training programs.

Gassentials and Information

IGUA monitors, distills, and informs members on relevant regulatory and policy developments that impact the landed cost of natural gas. Twice a month, IGUA’s information bulletin Gassentials provides timely information on regulatory proceedings and policy activities allowing members to anticipate changes and make informed decisions.

Seminar, webinars and meetings

The annual seminar, held in the spring and free to members, explores key developments that impact natural gas supply, infrastructure, and markets, and provides members a forum for dialogue with utility executives, energy marketers, regulators and policy makers. Participation is by invitation only and the program is tailored to the needs of large natural gas consumers.

Member-only webinars and ad-hoc workshops explore a single topic of interest to member with experts and external stakeholders. Quarterly provincial caucus meetings provide for a detailed exchange among members, the IGUA team, and regulatory counsels.


IGUA offers a series of customized training programs in the intricacies of the natural gas industry regulation, regulatory proceedings, and commercial aspects. Gas 101 provides information on the fundamental of natural gas markets. Gas 201 takes a deeper dive into market dynamics and offers insights into basis differentials for large gas purchases and risk management tools. offers an understanding of the dynamic nature of the Mainline, the interaction with upstream and downstream systems, and potential for impacts on reliability and pricing.


Industrial Gas Users Association | l’Association Des Consommateurs Industriels De Gaz

“Not only did I rely on IGUA to watch out for our interests in everything regulatory, I learned a lot on how I approached our business relationships with distribution and pipeline suppliers and overall help educate myself and my company on the natural gas industry.”

- John Creighton, Director of Business Development, Greenfield Global Inc.